Commercial Centre in Riyadh

The commercial project in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia boasts a remarkable architectural design that showcases modern, sustainable architecture. The project spans across a 10,000 square meter site and adopts a U-shaped design, featuring an internal covered court that doubles as a social area with trees. The project’s design aims to promote community interaction and foster a sense of openness and connectivity between spaces.

The ground floor of the project houses commercial retail and food and beverage outlets, while the upper floors are flexible office spaces. This approach provides a dynamic and adaptable work environment that can cater to the evolving needs of businesses and organizations that utilize the space. Additionally, the upper floors offer breathtaking views of the cityscape, creating an inspiring and energizing work atmosphere for employees.

The project’s backside is dedicated to five high-end residential buildings with flats and duplex apartments. The building designs blend seamlessly with the overall architectural style of the project and provide a luxurious and comfortable living space for residents. The use of natural materials and earthy tones creates a welcoming ambiance, and the expansive windows allow ample natural light to illuminate the interiors.

The project’s basement features car parking and a recreational center, providing residents and visitors with adequate parking and leisure facilities. The recreational center is designed to promote physical activity and wellness, with various fitness equipment and group classes and activity areas.

The project’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its design,which features roof gardens and natural wood louvers on the facades. The roof gardens offer a visually stunning aesthetic while also reducing the heat island effect and improving air quality. Meanwhile, the natural wood louvers on the facades provide shading and ventilation, minimizing the need for air conditioning and ensuring comfortable temperatures within the building. The use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient design principles establishes the project as a model for sustainable architecture in the region.

In summary, the commercial project in Riyadh City is an exceptional example of modern, sustainable architecture. The U-shaped design, internal covered court, and flexible office spaces create a dynamic and adaptable work environment, while the high-end residential buildings and recreational facilities provide a luxurious living space. The project’s use of sustainable materials and design elements demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, setting a new standard for sustainable architecture in the region.






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